ErixNetwork…is a collection of blogging sites, all covering different film. TV and general entertainment-related topics. This is “Home Base” – the main hub of the network, where all the principal blogging happens. It’s an open diary, basically… But hopefully an entertaining one, taking you behind the scenes of Pachamama Films and all the different projects past, present and future… But there will also be blogs about film in general, as well as music and – eventually – video games. And, any time there is new material in any of the other blogs, you’ll hear about it here first – right on the front page. So… Consider this home, basically. Start your journey here and bounce off wherever your fancy strikes you.

The rest of the Network consists of the following…

As seen on CHUD –In certain circles, Miami Vice has a cult following akin to Star Trek. With that in mind, here we have an irreverent but affectionate guide that takes a comprehensive look at the landmark 80s series, one episode at a time and with an attention to detail that should both please fans and attract newcomers to the show.

Erix has been a fan of The King since grade school. That is not a particularly interesting or noteworthy fact. But what might be of interest is the ambitious decision to go through all of the books in chronological order. And that project will be covered quite extensively in this blog. Don’t expect very frequent updates. But every entry will be rich and full of discussion-worthy content.


A place for SERIOUS film discussion. This is DEAD SERIOUS. There is no place for humor here. I watch movies and I study them…SERIOUSLY. Then I write about them…SERIOUSLY. We SERIOUSLY look at the COMPLETE CANONS of SERIOUS filmmakers like John Cassavetes. There won’t be any laughs here. But, hopefully, you can all smoke a pipe and drink a cappuccino while reading the essays and feel like you’re really intelligent. And you can recommend this to your more uppity friends who don’t have time for Miami Vice or pop music or any of that other nonsense.

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