WTF is Erix Antoine?

Erix Antoineis a filmmaker, a musician and a writer. Some, based on this particular blogging endeavor, might be inclined to call him a pretentious asshole.

And maybe they would be right. After all, only a pretentious asshole writes about himself in the third person.

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, Erix Antoine considers himself first and foremost an entertainer. And that, my friends, is the purpose of this conglomeration of blogs called THE ERIX ANTOINE NETWORK.

If biographical details are at all important, we can dispense with them right away…

He was born in Greenwich Village, NY over thirty years ago and spent most of his childhood and adolescence in the Lower East Side of that great city… As well as some brief stints in Havana, Cuba and La Paz, Bolivia. He was raised in an unconventional household by a pair of hippie filmmakers and, as a result, was exposed to a varied selection of art and culture from a very early age. Few boundaries were set and he was always encouraged to pursue his artistic goals with great abandon. This accounts for his eclectic personality. It also accounts for his mood swings and general aimlessness as a human being.

Since 1992, he has been swinging back and forth between New York City and La Paz, Bolivia, where he currently resides.

* * * *

During high school, sometime in the mid 1990s, Erix decided he wanted to become a filmmaker. He wrote a couple of awful, formulaic genre screenplays that – merciful God – were never actually transformed into feature films. It was also around this time that he was hired as the film critic for an English-language magazine called BOLIVIAN TIMES. He eventually blossomed into a decent enough film critic, all things considered, but the first hundred or so reviews read like if Peter Travers fucked Gene Shalit and had a spastic child who wrote film reviews for the kindergarten newsletter. But the point is, he used this as a kind of training ground and learned a lot about film.

It was also during the mid 1990s that he fronted an alternative rock band called Tramline Ferret. They picked up a nice little cult following in Bolivia and released one album in the year 2000. And you’ve never heard of this band or their music because that’s just the way it goes. But it was a nice band and there are a set of good songs that will be made available for public consumption soon enough.

Anyway… The band broke up and Erix turned his attention back to filmmaking. He finally wrote a not that bad screenplay for a film called Nocturnia. This movie was produced by Pachamama Films and shot in New York City in the mid aughts… A lot of talented people worked on it and it exists and it’s a cute little movie and maybe you’ll get to see it someday.

* * * *

As of this writing, Erix continues to work with Pachamama Films in several capacities and he’s got two film projects in the pipeline that you are sure to be hearing about if you keep track of this blog (and you should).

He’s also returned to the music world, fronting a synthpop band. They’ve started out with Depeche Mode covers and, isn’t that nice?

But they’ll be doing some of their own music really soon and you’ll be hearing about them too.

He’s also writing his first novel.

But you don’t need to know about that right now…

In fact, you don’t need to know anything else right now.

Just enjoy your time with The Erix Antoine Network.

Stay safe.

-Erix Antoine, September 2012

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