You stupid bastard… (1)

15 Nov


No, you stupid bastard…

You can’t just live in Manhattan in that stupid ugly skyscraper that looks like a fucking staircase. You simply can’t live there. You’ll just have to relocate.

I mean… Do you realize where your office is going to be, you stupid bastard?

You know what an office is, right? It’s a place where you go to work every single day. And your office is going to be all the way in DC, you stupid bastard.  So, what… You’re supposed to commute every day? How does that work, you stupid bastard? How will you manage to go there every day and be there at like 6am and then go home at night all the way back to fucking Manhattan, just so you can have a shit in your golden toilet…?

How will you do this every single day, you stupid bastard?

By the way… Have you started hiring your staff yet?

The clock is ticking you stupid bastard…

And I don’t mean the white supremacists you want as advisors; and the Republican Has-Been fucking dried up old obsolete raisins you’re thinking for a cabinet… I mean the actual staff of thousands you need every day. You know… Like that TV show with Martin Sheen. I’m assuming you watched that at least once. I know you don’t read, but TV and Internet, that works right?

Have you really given this enough thought, you stupid bastard? Because you had plenty of opportunities to step down. And you didn’t. And now, here you are.

And here we ALL are…

Because you’re a stupid bastard.


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