ERIX ANTOINE’S ANNUAL PODCAST: Episode 5 – The Ballad of the Follicly Challenged

23 Jul


Yeah… It is rather startling. I know.

Anyway… It is what it is.

Last year, I sat down with Jason Pollock and Daniel Baldwin (not the actor…someone else) and we talked about Ant-Man and how it didn’t matter that Edgar Wright left. And it didn’t matter who directed it. And Marvel Studios is a producer run factory of blockbuster products. And, no matter what, Ant-Man was going to be one of those products and it was probably going to be okay.

The movie came out last weekend. And we were right. It was okay. It was, in fact, better than okay. It was pretty good. We liked it. So did you. Life goes on.

So… Here we are again. We spend two hours talking about how right we were and how cool it is to be right. We talk about Ant-Man and why we like it as well as the things we don’t like about it. Not many. We mostly like it. We talk about why. We then talk about Marvel Studios and the future and all that stuff we usually talk about.

We talk about other important topics too. Like how to pronounce the mysterious Welsh phrase “Ioan Gruffudd.” 

We talk about how the two Marvel movies that are about the origins of powerful suits both have bald villains who are in charge of tech companies.

We briefly talk about the possibility that FANT[4]STIC is probably going to not be that… Deftly setting up our next episode, much like Marvel Studios does with their post credit scenes.

In any case, the thing is about two hours long and we generally have a good time talking.

Hopefully you’ll have a good time listening.




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