Shooting the Shit with Pollock – Episode 2: …And Jesus Wept Over An EPK.

17 Jul

Comic-Con International 2015 - Lucasfilm Panel

And so, Jason and I hung out again this week to talk a little about the Comic Con hoopla over Star Wars: Rise Of The Dark Force Rises and Batman v. Superman: The Court Is Now In Session.

It’s a spirited discussion where the rabid Comic Con fan base is taken to task for their rabid fan basing; and I am taken to task for, once again, defending the motion picture Man Of Steel and, yes, also again pointing out how NOBODY ACTUALLY DIED when Kal-El tossed Zod into that building which, it has now been brought to my attention, actually belonged to Ben Affleck and…it seems…he watched it happen while screaming “No!” in slow motion. Much like he screamed “No!” in slow motion on the night his dad – The Comedian – was shot…in slow motion.

There’s a lot of slow motion…and stuff.

In case you haven’t seen it, here it is:

And, while we’re at it, check out the EPK that everyone is going nuts over… Again, in case you haven’t already.

So that’s what Jason and I have to talk about, in a rather epic little podcast that I hope is enjoyable.

At 131 minutes, I can at least boast it’s as long as a standard comic book blockbuster film.


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