Shooting the Shit With Pollock

11 Jul



What can I say? Except: I HOPE THIS TIME IT STICKS. In any case, anyone who’s listened to the handful of podcasts I’ve done will be familiar with my friend Jason Pollock. He’s a savvy guy and, honestly, we probably don’t see eye to eye all that often when it comes to films. He’s Siskel and I’m Ebert, only he’s the guy with the hair.

But it’s fun to talk to him is what I’m saying. So I figured, if we have fun conversations, maybe they will be fun to listen to. And so, here we go with another pilot podcast.

No big deal. Just 100 minutes of us talking about bullshit, which will most likely be the standard format of this podcast that I expect will pop on here every couple of weeks.

In this first installment, we discuss pointless nostalgia. As in: people looking back fondly on 1995 and the great pop culture landmarks of that year – films like Batman Forever and Super Mario Brothers.

We then go on to talk about the nostalgia that has overtaken Hollywood in recent years, as classic franchises are seeing constant revivals in the multiplex. A couple of those work. Most don’t.

And so on.

Like I said, it’s 100 minutes or so and we have a good time.

Maybe you will too.



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