ERIX ANTOINE’S ANNUAL PODCAST: Episode 4 – The Lasting Gift of 1989.

1 Jul


And so… Here we are again.

Pretty self-explanatory, really. I mean… I said there would be more and so here you have it… MORE.

The magic is back! Or whatever.

In a continuation of last week’s podcast, I sit down for some more chit chat with Jason Pollock and Mike Flynn. Last time, we went over the Summer 1989 release slate and came to some conclusions about its quality. But we didn’t quite come to a decision one way or the other if it really is the “definitive” summer of this generation.

Well, this time around, we discuss the Summer in general. In terms of its structure, its marketing… Was this Summer really all that much of a game changer? Or was it simply following a basic template already set in stone Summers past…

The result? A pretty focused, serious discussion. Maybe not quite as goofy as last time around but, fear not, this isn’t The McNeill/Lehrer News Hour… We’re still just three assholes sitting around having a laugh and talking about movies.

And we still sound like we’re sitting inside a glass bathroom in the center of the biggest avenue in the world.

It’s a quick, spiffy 90 minute convo… And Jason still hates Jack Nicholson, don’t you worry.

Good times.


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