ERIX ANTOINE’S ANNUAL PODCAST: Episode 2 – The Artistic Integrity of Marvel Studios

21 Jun


I’m going to get better about posting these fucking things, I promise you.

But the point is, here’s a new one and it’s good. The sound quality is kind of shitty… It, for some reason, sounds like we were sitting in my bathroom. And that’s for technical bullshit details I don’t want to get into because they’re boring and they don’t matter.

Suffice to say, things are going to get better and this is a decent enough start.

Also… Don’t let the “teaser” grab you and get you thinking this will be “old news.” Sure, the fact Edgar Wright walked from Ant Man is very much old news. They’ve even got a new director and writer and the movie is underway and coming to a theater near you soon enough.

But this podcast is about more than that… It’s really a fun discussion about the politics of blockbuster tent pole filmmaking and there is enough relevant stuff going on here that I think it’s worth 110 minutes of your time.

Once again, my good friend Jason Pollock is on hand to rant and rave… No NuMetal riffs, but plenty of witticisms abound.

Also along for the ride – Daniel Baldwin… No, not the esteemed star of John Carpenter’s Vampires or Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, but rather an extremely intelligent and very nice man who writes for Cinematallica. He’s an expert, basically, on all things having to do with comic book movies. So he was the guy to talk to about this, no question.

I’m sure you’ll agree…

I’m also sure you’ll enjoy this podcast.

Even if it does sound like we taped it in the john.

Hey… Go ahead and listen to it while sitting on the can if you want. It may help with the ambience.





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